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Will You Have to Pay Taxes On Your Personal Injury Settlement?

Posted by on Feb 9, 2016 in Car accident | Comments Off on Will You Have to Pay Taxes On Your Personal Injury Settlement?

If you have sustained a personal injury, you’re not alone. Data collected by the National Safety Council (NSC) indicated that approximately 24,100,000 Americans had been unintentionally injured in an accident. Common causes of personal injuries in the United States include slip and fall accidents, car crashes, work related injuries, motorcycle accidents, dog attacks, and medical malpractice injuries.

If you’ve sustained a personal injury, the best thing you can do is contact a lawyer who will walk you through the steps you need to collect a settlement that will cover the financial imbalance created by the injury. A personal injury attorney will negotiate a pay out on your behalf and once the terms are agreeable, the case will be officially settled.

For most people the hardest part about this particular point is remaining quiet, but that’s exactly what you have to be. Don’t start celebrating until your lawyer lets you know that all the paperwork has been signed and that the other side can’t back out of the offer.

The next matter that has to be considered is taxes. The good news is that in most cases, your personal injury settlement isn’t taxable, however there are some exceptions and you’ll want to make sure your settlement isn’t one of those before you start spending it. One big exception is if there is any mention of a breach of contract, you will be taxed for any portion of the settlement that pertains to the breach of contract. In most cases, your attorney will try to arrange things so the breach isn’t mentioned.

While the portion of your settlement that covers medical bills and lost wages won’t be taxed, the portion of the settlement that covers punitive damages is. Make sure your attorney discusses the topic of punitive damages with the judge responsible for you case so they can draw up paperwork so that the part of the settlement that covers the punitive damages is completely separate from the portion that covers you compensatory damages. Having the settlement divided into two halves ensures that the government doesn’t get more than their fair share.

If there’s interest connected to your settlement, that interest is taxable, and since most judges tack on interest starting with the time that the case was first pending, it’s possible quite a bit could have accumulated by the time you finally gain access to the first payment.

There are many benefits to having an experienced personal injury lawyer helping with your case is that they will do everything in their power to make sure that the bulk of your settlement isn’t taxable. When they draw up the paperwork, they will be very careful to say what portion of the lawsuit covers personal injury as opposed to emotional stress.

The better your attorney is about drawing up the paperwork, the less arguing you’ll do with the IRS when they learn about your personal injury settlement.


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Personal injuries involving older adults are very common

Posted by on Feb 9, 2016 in Car accident | Comments Off on Personal injuries involving older adults are very common

Everyone enjoys the freedom of the open road in a car, at all ages. Even children enjoy driving around in the car. Sometimes, older adults continue to drive, even when their vision is impaired or they are on medication which makes it dangerous for them to drive on. Personal injuries involving older adults are numerous in number because of many different factors. Many of them are preventable with the people around the older person carefully monitoring them for any signs of hazardous driving. As we age, we may not want to admit that we need help. Even glasses can do wonders for people who truly need them. Preventative measures need to always be taken whenever possible.

As we age, there are more factors to consider when doing activities. One of these is driving. Fatal crash rates increase considerably starting at the ages of 70 to 74 and are highest among drivers 85 and older. This can be attributed to the increased susceptibility to injury and medical complications as we age. Getting into a car crash may have dire consequences for an older individual with prior problems, and the accident may exasperate those problems further. This is why driving for older adults can be dangerous. In the city of New York, personal injuries can occur to older individuals, as well as younger because of an older driver.

Older people are driving more and more, which increases the likelihood of them being involved in collisions. In 2012, there were about 36 million licensed older drivers, which is an increase of 34% from 1999. More drivers on the road is a dangerous situation for people of all ages. Older drivers are especially prone to accidents and collisions. In New York City, and other places, personal injuries occur at any place. at any time, to anyone.

There are many great programs for seniors to utilize for safer living, especially driving. AARP features a driver safety course that benefits older drivers through educational programs and information.  These programs are great, and ensure drivers are aware and ready for the task of driving. They constantly update information to keep drivers relative and in the know with the latest laws and regulations, as well as signs of when it obviously isn’t safe to drive, like when feeling groggy and tired.

Car crashes are already so numerous. Whatever we can do as citizens to lessen the amount of accidents is good for everyone. Someone is injured in a car accident every 14 seconds and about 2 million of the people injured suffer permanent injuries. These statistics are startling. In the city of New York, personal injuries can occur from an older driver’s negligence. Car accidents are the leading cause of disability nationwide. It can happen in an instant without warning when you aren’t expecting it. Drivers need to always be aware of their surroundings.

Many lawyers aren’t ready to handle a major accident case due to an older driver. Many don’t have the knowledge and proven record. You need the reassurance of a name backed by 70 years of experience serving the greater New York area. Pulvers, Pulvers, Thompson and Friedman have the proven record to guarantee a successful result for you. For more information, log on to



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Personal injuries involving a passenger can be serious

Posted by on Feb 9, 2016 in Car accident | Comments Off on Personal injuries involving a passenger can be serious

Every single person has gotten in the car with someone else behind the wheel. It could be our friends, family members, maybe even our spouse. Accidents happen with other people behind the wheel too. When they do, they can be serious. Tragedy strikes at any time. You must always be aware of what’s going on around you. Make sure the driver isn’t distracted with the radio or phone, and focused on driving. Always watch the roads in case of hazards or debris. In the city of New York, a personal injury can happen as a passenger in a vehicle, and an innocent bystander. Accident lawyer new york city is all you need!

Passenger vehicle occupant deaths represent 65% of the 32,719 motor vehicle crash deaths in 2013 alone. A total of 21,268 passenger vehicle occupants died in 2013 as well. That’s a lot of people getting hurt in many avoidable accidents. Car accident lawyer nyc is for everyone.Drivers should always be prepared for any potential danger, such as someone cutting into their lane or stopping suddenly in front of them. Keep yourself and the driver focused on the road, to lessen the likelihood of being involved in an accident.

Many things can cause a potential vehicular accident. Sometimes, they are preventable. Sometimes, they aren’t. Even passengers in crashes have rights. If you are ever injured and aren’t the driver, you are still entitled to help. You deserve justice when you are hurt by no fault of your own. In New York, personal injuries happen every single day. They happen in many forms. One of the most deadly is rollover crashes. Rollovers account for nearly 35% of all deaths from passenger vehicle crashes. Drivers and passengers need to always look ahead of the road for potential danger. Always have a plan for tragic situations. Always be ready to dial 911 if you need to. Have a lawyer you can call if you are ever injured in a personal injury. Visit:

In 2013 alone, 65% of motor vehicle fatalities were passenger vehicle occupants. These people didn’t deserve to die. They deserved to make it. Many times, these tragedies could have been prevented. In the city of New York, passengers can be involved in a tragic personal injury case. You need to know you rights and have someone that will fight for you. Justice can be yours if you fight for it. Your medical bills need to be paid and someone else should have to pay for them. You shouldn’t be suffering continuously, even after the accident. Let us help you in any way we can.

Many lawyers aren’t ready to handle a major accident case of a passenger. Many don’t have the knowledge and proven record. You may not think your case is serious or worth the fight, but it is. You need help, and we are here for you.  Focus on getting better. We will handle everything else. You need the reassurance of a name backed by 70 years of experience serving the greater New York area. Pulvers, Pulvers, Thompson and Friedman have the proven record to guarantee a successful result for you. Visit this web-site for more info!


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Reckless Driving Results in the Death of a Toddler

Posted by on Dec 22, 2015 in Accident attorney, Car accident | Comments Off on Reckless Driving Results in the Death of a Toddler

A young mother’s life was shattered when a car accident resulted in the death of her2-year-old son. It wasn’t the first accident the 30 year old woman had been involved with that day. Just a short time before the accident that claimed the life of her child, she’d collided with another driver and fled the scene. It was as she fled, that she hit a light pole. The force of the impact threw her son forward at a high speed.

The mother’s reckless behavior shocked witnesses. One, witness, Denise car_accident2Griffen was deeply saddened by the event. She said the accident was “a life lost (by a) careless mom driving reckless. I don’t know what she was thinking, not having a baby in the car seat or if the baby was in the car seat or not.”

At this point, the police haven’t released information about whether or not the child was properly secured into a car seat, or if the mother had consumed alcohol or drugs prior to the accident. One report indicates that she didn’t have a license at the time of the tragic accident.Though reports about her exact condition remain unknown, the mother was admitted to the hospital following the accident.

In this particular case, it’s unlikely that a wrongful death lawsuit will be filed since the child’s death resulted from poor choices his mother made. Sadly, there are times when it’s the driver of the car who didn’t cause the accident that suffers. If you are the innocent, injured party, it’s in your best interest to hire the services of a John Bales car accident attorney in Florida City.

Isn't it easy to avoid the accident?

In a perfect world, the driver who caused the accident will be properly licensed and insured, and that insurance company will not hesitate to cover the cost of any injuries and financial setbacks you suffer as a result of the accident. Unfortunately there are situations like this accident where the driver wasn’t licensed which means her insurance company, if she was insured, probably won’t be willing to cover the cost of the damages. In this type of situation, you need the help of a good car accident attorney in Florida City.

The odds of you being in an accident with a driver who isn’t properly licensed are higher than you might think. It’s believed that out of every five fatal accidents, at least one involves a driver who doesn’t have a current, valid license. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports that drivers who don’t have valid licenses result in the death of 8,400 people each year.

Your car accident attorney in Florida City will help you file a lawsuit that goes after the uninsured, unlicensed driver who triggered the accident. Your lawyer will create a solid case against the other driver that makes it their responsibility to cover any medical bills you amassed as the result of the car accident.

The most important function your John Bales Attorneys serves in this particular situation is handling all the paperwork and mundane details surrounding your lawsuit so you can focus on healing your mind and body enough so you can move on.3

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